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Castello is the most extensive and varied among the six districts, located in the long eastern part of the historical city; the tail of the fish!!!! This district was the ancient defensive bulwark during old Roman time and the episcopal seat since VIIIth century with subsequent urban growth in Byzantine times. The building enlargement during XIII-XV centuries followed the lines of the principal canals. The Napoleonic period left as heritage the biggest Public Gardens in towm. Castello offers the possibility of being discovered in stages, VenicewithChiara’s proposals are divided into three choices:

  • Tour of Castello area close to Saint Marco square admiring the centre of attraction of SS. Giovanni and Paolo Church and Scuola Grande di San Marco.
  • Wandering from western to eastern part admiring the complex of Pietà and Vivaldi world, the Church of San Giovanni in Bragora and then further inside the district to discover the conventual Palladian complex of San Francesco della Vigna until reaching the biggest shipyard of ancient times, the Arsenale.
  • The third path is only……….for real daring walking visitor……

During all tours visitors can enjoy interesting locations and taverns for a relaxing pit-stop to relish the famous venetian “cicchetti” (finger-food)!!!!


1 – On the tail of the fish
2 – Byzantine details
3 – Cicchetti time

MONOGRAPHIC TOURS: these tours are discovery occasions to know both an area of the city and a particular monument, visited through the eyes of an attentive observer. 

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