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Rainbow Threads was and still is at first a personal project, is a vital lymph and my intention for this touristic and experiential project is to infuse our journey with knowledge of the rich story of the cities of our country and of European cities. A good tour provided by professional and qualified guides can provide for sure an historical tour, but Rainbow threads wants to let people know and remember aspects of multiculturalism in cities, like Venice, where there was a strong presence of foreign communities, including several centuries old Jewish presence.

The spirit that nourishes the project is to spread the potential of sharing among cultures, so as to through drops into the ocean of mutual knowledge. Rainbow Threads are metaphores of the geographical routes, of physical maps, menthal and emotional, these push people to get around the world.

Rainbow Threads hopefully, symbolically remind us that these Threads can unite diverse cultures, places and people and inspire the light of our personal commitment to curiosity and humility as well as the will to take these threads into our hands and transport their symbolic reference with us during our trip.

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Why Milan? Because is an inspiring mix of historical buildings, narrow lanes, postmodern towers and lively social life.


- chic and fancy

- monumental trendy

- post modern views

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Art & culinary tours

A tasty and colourful way to discover the history of Tuscany and the Jewish history in its cities!!!!

A journey that will include art, food and good wine tasting. Follow the Rainbow threads, each color will reveal a unique story to you…..let’s start! Andiamo!


- Medici...the saga
- Sea breeze life chill out
- Foodies

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