Customized Tours in and around Venice

Your own way to discover Venice with private tours

Visit Venice how you want

Your route to discover Venice

Venice as you’ve never seen it

Discover the peculiarities of Venice and its hidden spots

Customized Tours in and around Venice

Your own way to discover Venice with private tours

Are you looking for a tailor made tour?

A tour can be tailored for you. No rush, no stress, I will help you to find the best tour experience at your pace. Important is to schedule in advance!

Taking customised tours in and around Venice offers a number of unique advantages for travellers. First of all, it allows you to discover lesser-known places off the traditional tourist routes. While many visitors focus on the main attractions such as St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, exploring the more hidden and less crowded parts of Venice allows you to have an authentic experience of the city.

Customised tours allow you to discover not only the best of Venice, but also expand your possibilities beyond the city limits. You can extend your tour to surrounding locations such as the Lagoon islands of Murano and Burano, famous for their glasswork and colourful buildings or a relaxing countryside exploring tour. This flexibility allows you a complete and varied experience of the Veneto region.

Overall, the option of taking a customised tour in and around Venice offers numerous advantages. You can discover lesser-known places, follow your passions and interests, deepen your knowledge with a local guide, and extend your journey off the beaten paths. Choosing a customised tour allows you to enjoy a unique and authentic experience that reflects your interests and travel desires.

You can see an example of a ‘tailor-made tour’, the pure joy of being together in a natural environment of extreme beauty, in the nice video herewith displayed. Private tours ideas for a peaceful day or for a party with friends.

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