Dogi's Palace

SM3 – Doge’s Palace

This iconic place of Venice has its glorious past as a Maritime Republic, governmental headquarter and seat of all complex magistratures. The Doge’s Palace will reveal its impressive gothic architecture, an outcome of different layering/stratification both architectural and precious decorative sculptural elements. Indoor the itinerary will show you the Institutional Rooms and you will walk where all the important decisions of the Republic were taken and where they arranged the government of the city and its foreign dominions. Moreover, the majestic pictorial decorations will have you admiring the highest results in Venetian Reinassance painting; observing masterpieces by Tintoretto, Titian and Veronese. The visit of the palace will start between the two big stone pillars in the square, facing the water. On top of one pillar you will notice the statue of a winged animal, on top of the other an armed warrior. The guide will reveal the secrets of the two symbols and from there you will begin your experience.

Additional costs: Museum ticket € 30,00

Tour duration: 1,5 Hour

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